I was at a friend’s today, and I realised that I kind of need to lay off myself a bit. For the last few weeks I’d been praying every night, swearing that I was going to go to every lesson and do all my homework and be a good daughter and get all my work […]

In which everything falls apart

i… I want to say I’m tired but even then that’s not right. I’m just sad. Usually you’re sad with a mix of other things, like anger, but right now? I’m just sad. one fiend’s convinced I don’t like being around him even though he’s honest to god one of the only people I want […]

Pizza Saturdays

up until my sister got her first job (at a place that sold guides equiptment, where she would work Saturday evenings) my sister and I would have pizza every Saturday. Simply as a low-maintenance meal that started when my mum would have friends over and wanted to feed us quickly and easily before shooing us […]


imagine: new age dragons. Teenaged, nestled amongst credit cards and nectar cards. Oysters and American Express. Red, green, blue, every scale of the dragon changing to match the colour of the card nearest. The purest form of camouflage. all the cards but one have been cancelled: even that one no longer has worth. The dragons […]

We are multitudes

If you look up, past the stars, you’ll find more stars. More rocks, more space, more emptiness- more room. We’re one planet. One planet of eight in our solar system, and one solar system of many in the universe (and dependent if you believe in the multiverse theory, one universe among infinite). We’re one small […]

When you hate yourself

I’m not getting better. My pills don’t make me happy, as soon as I’m away from people who actually manage to make me laugh I drop again. I’m dead. I get times when I feel like it will be okay but it won’t last. The only thing that does last is this hatred. The hatred […]

I got a job!

Hey, so your friendly neighborhood nothing got a job at a place that I can’t name because that’s probably illegal, and I kind of like it. I work on the till, so I spend twelve hours a week scanning items. It’s nice, because I can sit down, but I can’t feel my arms below my […]


Merry Spoopmas! As a Halloween treat, let me tell you guys the most terrifying news I have. After… some of a year, I’m going to stop posting daily. It’s spammy for you guys and pressuring me. So, I’ll post when I like, and the quality will be better. Now shove a jack o’ lantern up […]

Uxeb Djdlq!

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