I went outside today. *Gasp*

So, today Elm and I saw each other today. Or, rather, I saw her. It was a little bit hectic, but in a good way. Definitely. It started out well with my dog going mental and showing her more affection than she does me. Fucking good for nothing demon dog sucks. Anyway. And then we went to town and I decided to lift her up so she could walk on a wall, and an old lady with a child stared at us as if I was mental and Elm was some form of weak child. That was fun. Then, as is always inevitable, I decided to kick her cane. And she let go. With a man and a child in front of us. Imagine being in the man’s shoes watching this white, long thing fly towards you and the little child next to you, then imagine my fear as the cane landed an inch from the edge of the pavement and the cars.  Not a euphemism, promise. And now Elm is sitting next to me, on my bed. Just sitting- promise. Nothing more at all…

She says hello.

I want pizza.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “I went outside today. *Gasp*

  1. Reblogged this on Just Call me Elm or Something and commented:
    AAAAND I just came back from that oh-so-loveable (not) moron’s house. After she posted THAT, she took my phone, went on Omegle which was terrifying, started playing some songs I wrote really loudly (self-promotion lah-dee-dah) and then I attacked her to try and get the blasted thing back. And her dog jumped on me.

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